log 9 - Connecting with The Camp Family.


Our second day of camp from the front line was cold. but that didn't mean we were cold. work had to be done. There was a titanic ship full of flower that needed to be moved into the kitchen tent. well, i orchistrated an assembly of people and we chucked those bags in one by one. it was a good work out. I slept well that night.

that day I forgot that i put the keys in the chair, i thought I lost them! I knew I haddent. - write more about this****


The day after was warm and relaxing. people used this day to fix up their tents and enjoy the warmth since it truely is better to work in chilly weather.


We finished the food dome and we all got to eat together,

a few people brought their instruments and we all jammed together in the dome.

it was joyful. then we were invited over to their circus tent. they have a bus called the shining light kitchen. then came here to support and bring their native New Orleans tribe up to dance and to sing. 


Jam session with Gumbo and cat fish.


-the white horse with a wounded leg. spiritual connection to a mejestic spirit.


planes and hellicopters would always come around, but why?

MJ Kolinko