log 8 - Three Days Go By.

Sunday - we went to walmart and a harbor freight tools.

Monday - Finnally!

The days and the dates leave me. IDK what day it is but i am so happy to have our car running!!

October 11th

Our van ROSE finally came down to the main camp. from the sacred ground camp. our battery wasnt hooked up right and out good friend Fiddlin Big Al helped us out. - The battery was so far into the vehicle, it had more than one connection.

We then came down to our second camp ground. near the Oglala Tribe. They are considered the Wild-Oglala because they have been around here since sitting bull and a couple other famous native braves.

They remind me of family back home. misfitted yet unified. They use what they have around them. loving and caring, and making a lot of food. their flag is red with tipis in a circle.
Once we came down we let them know that we were helpful and ready to work. I was able to keep up in doing the dishes. In the cold the dishes are just rough with the cold wind. but I get them done. Large pots and pans that need to be scraped. beans and rice. sometimes i dont want to know what's in these pots.

We are provided with much food and friendship. it's truely a blessing.

Watched a dome get built and today we finished putting up the tarps to keep it warm. We put in the tables for food and had buffalo for the first time today. A Native from New Orleans came into the common area and started to sing on his banjo.


MJ Kolinko