log 7 - Set-up Tent at Oglala Camp

Jesse Playing a little tune before we sleep.

The time is 11:05 and I have just woken up to some uke music played by the one and maybe not the only as we have found out, Jesse Veit. His last name is common with a waste managment and construction company. a funny we found on our travels.

It's been 3 days since our arrival here at the main Standing Rock Camp. This is a place where many people have gathered and many native tribes have come togerther to join hands, hearts, and prayers for our land to be protected.

In the background I hear laughter, joy, and unity between the men and women by the fire. We were are on the front lines of this protest, by the road. Here on county 1806 North Dakota, Police pass by every hour back and forth near the checking point up the road. The FBI showed us the new helecopter last night , the copter came down about our tent 10 feet - Jesse was telling me how invasive they were. The loudness and the Intrusiveness.

we made a tee-pee. served lunch to the elders, distributed our supplies to the main Ochetti camp. one of 4 camps out here.

Who would have thought that all of this would have happened? All the donations, supplies, contributions. it is truly a blessing. to be here.

Lady picks up our donations and brings them to the camp.
Big Al tells us to pick camp at the Oglala Camp, I knew i would help out in the kitchen. So instead of acquainting myself socially, I just started washing the dishes. It was cold today, windy, and the dish water didn't stay warm long.


MJ Kolinko