log 21 -


we came back from the casino and I didn't want to leave but i knew the signs were telling me to do so. - 4314 - Cheyenne sigs - 

So i went and dropped off Crystalyn, Jose and I went back to camp. here i'm thinking who i want to run into. Went back to the main camp and ran into the film guys, hunter and anthony again. First time n the michigan tent. mmmm, apples and oats cobbler. So another native came by and me and marla we talking about the syncranisities of color. we were taking pictures of eachother, like having a - capture the right angle. then we came into the tent and i only smoked a little bit. but it was nice to have a small buzz. 

So now were were going back to the north camp. I still had to drop off Rachels stuff. it was still in the car after coming back from the casino since she didn't take it all that one night. That was a sign. the fact that it was stuck n my car from the night before. 


I jumpped out and all of a sudden.... she runs up and gives me a hug. I knew I was leaving and thought how much she would miss me. then she exclaimed with a precurser to what she was about to say. "okay, i have to ask a favor of you, please take time to think about it, and what i'm about to say i understand if you say no, but would you be able to take me and jesse with you!?. and in my emotions I had so much chatter of what she could possibly ask. not even thinking about who else was in the van, I said, hell yeah!


yay! she jumped for joy and she smiled. although she may have an internal intention. We all have demons, and my hope is that she is a pure good girl. Jesse is strong, and I know he will be okay. 


so without even thinking, I said hey guys these are my friends and they are comming with, jesse left all his things except for his bag. rachel had a trunk and blankets. thank timmay there were no chairs in the van because we had room to pile stuff on top of the van and tire it down. people were asking us to move so they could make a Yurt for the medic tent. well, we'll move in a minute. wow, just wow. I was shocked! Jesse walked back over and said hey dude, i'm like dude! what happened!? he didn't know I knew. I'm happy she asked the way she. 


so we drove past the north gate, then past the front line baracade, then kept driving north. and then that is when we came up to the polce literal road block. Rediculous! they are here to protect the people. what bullshit. so we happily drove by and turned around. and drove past it all again. down 1806 just like we did before. I can still picture the road side as if i'm there now. beautiful! 


we packed up the tent and drove to the main camp. drove home rachel and jesse were dropped off at a truck stop where they could get to kansas city. 


wow what a night i drove all the way through the night. i was falling asleep and Anthony just tried to keep me awake by saying jokes and admit-tingly being annoying. My brian needs tranquility so if anything it was just annoying rather than keeping me awake. 


we drove and saw the states, i didn't even realize what states we were in, and just to realize the landscapes. hills, and highways. honestly it was the quickest trip back and recollecting most of it is difficult.

MJ Kolinko