log - 20


 casino, saw they had a pool. we brought in our food and our cook ware. man that guy i met, playing the guitar and the flute. I was googly-eyed. 


pancakes, Aiden, tabacco, keys, lens, phone, crystalin, magical experience with aiden. 


guys digging in the dirt. Traded a necklace for some herb medicine. 

smoked with thomas and steven, and issabelle. she finally got a break. 


i wanted to give gifts to people so i walked around with things in my pocket. On the same day i walked around just for fun, I walked to the drape with the three circles. yup, pancakes. with oreos. omg, this was a fun time. This guy with a mario mustache was a beautiful man. mmm, we had a tuggle and i know i would enjoy the tingles of his skin. 


Michael and his girl, I gave them the pretty quarts pendant, and they were happy to give me some compassion. fiddelin al got the larmar, saw him at the casino, 


MJ Kolinko