log 18 -


 woke up and stepped right into the wake. my goal was to get my van back. and when i went up to the front, I walked thinking I would see him. I walked and looked around and started to remember what i was like to live at the front line with just me and Jesse. I then found Andre and Michael his roomate from SoCal. grabbed his pole for his dog in exchange for a cigarett . they were walking back and I asked if there was a minivan, they said no, I was skeptical, but i walked back with them. just looking around and I waslked into the new campment and decided to walk up to the front baracade.

Just seems fair that they put up a road block that we could too! so we did!


Take it down - we heard, well wasn't much of a road block since we just held the sides of the road with our cars and tents. a new camp. We there were pitching tents and building tipis. beautiful banjo and taking supplies from one to the other. rumors of people coming with trucks but not true. people saying they were surrounded but not true. when the storm comes, the winds gets wilder. 


we got the van and packed-up our tents, blankets, and carried them overthere to the camp. lots of stress because about the planes and the hellicopter. grandmother pear-pearl gave us 4 samiches and love and coffe with conversation. 


I helped Johnny pack up his truck and watched a man slip on his camo bag. we took off to the road up to the casino and saw two men walking on the street, as me and rachel were driving to the casino. low and behold, it was the man and his friend going back to oaklahoma. we picked them up and gave them a ride just before the police checkpoint. they dont care about who is leaving the camp, but who is going into the camp. hmp. they still let all people through. 


even the flys clean themselves.**casino smell smoke resses and pancho***


"aquanautsam" live feed

"standingrockprotectors fb


they would turn 18 - 160K give a kid that much money - says the elder - the other, that just pisses me off. - just my thoughts exactly, yet i encountered the same thing. it's a wonderful thing to listen.


I'm here at the casino and people are talking about what happened at the front line. "rush and wait, Rush and wait" one an said. Ben and his friends from the east coast. One man carrying a banjo, and i remember the banjo that I heard when i was up at the front line. thought I would enjoy it - i see his at the casino - 



look who i see! Distance. Ocheti Chaquaway land. "my arraignment went well!" wonderful! I understand what you are saying, I would like to place a restraning order on the state of ND" do you know you are practcing without a license. ha, "

The sherrif help her out and she now dosent have to appear for the arraignment."


Here, pine ridge, Cherakee nation OK three men, two elders and a young man speaking. The elders are in from this saturday and the youngster seems that he has been in and out living in the local area. The elders are bikers with patches, buttons and headbands. They get those big tornatos. I call it spit talking, about common things. yet they are bonding over heritage and locations. "one thing we have over ev'one else is those tornatos. Took my house away." turned into an F5 1 miles with with 300 miles winds traveling at 10 mi an hours. tore up is bead work on his bike stores in the garage. He was at work thank God for protection. 


two elders speaking, talking about taking a bullet. Those warriors who are walking away are chickens. let them take a bullet. - lesson here, don't speak unless you are on the line. 


I took a picture of the grandmother's Grandfather who was painted on the casino wall. Chief Kindness was there. Funny he always had a bah and need ing a room. 


the night before i had to sleep in my tent for one more time. Rachel invited me to her tipi with a friend, butshe was with a friend.

I slept in a tipi and asked for the generator to be turned off. 


Rachel went to bismark so i took off, to the casino with some frineds who wanted to hang out.

MJ Kolinko