log 16 - Just-in-Time

20th thursday




- woke up to give spirit a ride to the airport. he lives in LV. spent the majority of the day in town. jose was with us, on our way back, we sang and played the guitar, sang many tthings. 

met a girl he camped with and we went and she sang beautifully. 








  - at casino and work is to be done. met I-ona. Bare ribs. she was a beauiful elder who thanked us. Her grand father is painted on the casino wall here. She is a christian, believes that jesus is that way. Said that her grand children do not know and has no desire to learn the Dahkhota language. Her her sister who came into the conversation spoke it well with broken english. 


Was eating with a photographer and some natives from puerto rico. they met beause of the necklace he wore. she is from the states and Steven, whose birthday was today, and his sister came to the states just to be at the camp here. 

I met the woman while eating and they invited me to sit with them. and i had to get web design work done. - that didn;t happen very well since the computer i'm on was more older than the web updates could handle. 


Also met Distance everheart, willpower.org, she is a wonderful trans woman who is defending our land with the treaty of standing and caring for abandoned land. she is making head way with legality. Strong wonderful mind. I hope to meet more of her kind and those who want to give to the right cause. 


Now while sitting with the photographer and distance, i saw a man look this was in the resturant as he walked by. and i had my eye on him. we was of good stature and laughed like he was friendly enough to be loved by everybody.


The point of going to this casino was to get web work done and give some friends a lift. while sitting in the lobby, i ran into other friends. this friend is José. he is from New Mexico. It was funny running into him and coincedently his camp mates. so we went up to their room to show since Crystaline and another man was putting together a prayer unity meeting. Funny her and I have been trying to meet and at this moment, we laughed because jesse ate her almond bar that i wanted to give to her. So she took me up to her room and as the door opened, there was josé and Michael! oh was I happy to meet him. and so was Oisha and a little 2 month old puppy. and a couple other people i haven't met. 


We sand, we showered, we smoked tobaco, I learned that Michael was a Leo, and he grew up with a taurus and an aquairus. I was very interested in him asthetically at first, then we went out and shared a smoke together. he then began to talk and share with me what he was doing here, why he came and where he came from. ***channel what we spoke about.

We shared oneness, we shared our gifts,  


Michael from new york is being lead by a dakhota medicine man. I suppose he is here to learn and to teach, to run a sweat and to be with the people. He is a leo, tigers eye. 

MJ Kolinko