log 15 - Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

 - helped dig. water from iowa - press pass for rachel - tighten press security - met Kindness took a self day and got body work. went to a second sweat. found my camera battery, moved car and learned more about manifestation.

19th wednesday


Found they keys again.



 - went into town to shower, first went to walmart for jesse and Rachel to figure out their money grams. bough some turkey and come water for rachel. Her stories from the ashram were just amazing. we shared songs and some silence. Went to Gold's Gym to shower and a library for jesse to make energy from water. Rachel scanned her collage poems. her perspective of life involves a lot of hindu and symbolism. She is "looking for the magitian and shared her stories of her close to death counter with an energy being. found a crystal shoppe, then went to the laundromat. met a man who was actually in support of the pipeline because that is the only way he knows. talked about cutting fences, tresspassing and legal land.... wow what a day full of conversation , hanging out, and fun. 

MJ Kolinko