log 14 - What the Future and Past Bring to the Present.


 - saw the dig site at rose bud. making an earth house. run by geothermal heating and cooling. diggs 6 feet deep!


met with a girl named jade who is transition. the moon dance was this night and she had her opinions about that. funny we put up a tent and it was more for summer than it was for winter. haha - we found the piece after we tried to "make it work"


 joe watercolor paints and has work in the museum. carved a stone for stanley and jesse. beautiful sunny day. Went to KOA to shower yesterday and stanley went home around 5 oclock. I sent with him two arrow heads. one for fem and the other masc. 


 - good times with dre, the new orleans people - smokin, been looking to get my ear pierced but then i was told to wait. that will give me time to put it into action. it is something to be said when you do something for yorself or for someone else, some believe they are the same.


17th monday 

- cloudy chilled - yet warm sun went it showed through the clouds.

-met andre and found out that thomas was pan. he's cute but has the personality and interest as a common man who enjoys to make people laugh and share simple stories.  sweat medicine one man. tabacco


Full Moon - sweat first



met rachel blue hair and camped next to us. what a cool people to meet.

MJ Kolinko