log 13 - My Contribution


wow, what a day! I woke up to mantras, people announcing for warriors to go out to the front lines. I woke up to singing to bless the water. I also woke up to the beautiful sun and a clear day.

Cleaned and organized the kitchen - felt like i was doing something great.

then went and visited the two-spirit tent. they were going to sweat with the two spirit tribe, Native recollecting traditions. i felt not included - excluded - all - one says two spirit - Courage was a good man who shook my hand and made me feel accepted in the two spirit tribe. one says ally- defining meeting - sircle - sweat - sage. white girl. 

Sitting around the fire I knew sweat was a part of my journey here. I thought, well what a blessing that may be sitting with my tribe, my two-spirited - my friends, but alas, this was not a shared thought. My race was place in front of me and instilled that i am the minority here and they are wanting to be exclusive to their native people. Which is great, but the energy that i felt was different.


in my hand was 2 towels and two hand towels. i took them back to my camp and came back not by direction but for the conversation. I was offered cedar tea. and it was very good. delicious. 


MJ Kolinko