log 12 - God shows everywhere.


 - woke up to the prayers or the water. Beverly gave me her info and invited me to Cedar, MI. to stay and spend some time. birthday celebrations. 

Youngsters ran 100 miles so they could speak their voice. they dont want to clean up our messes. beautful powerful stand. 

So tody was the full moon and i say that beause coincedence things happen. Apon leaving the tent, i met a guy named Yaro, he and i made eye contact and i wondered who he was. he was handsome with a bead and straight framed glasses. well i left the hill and heard that a lot of people were going to the action! this ment that more people were stepping in front of the pipeline being built. So me and a fellow aquarius and a lady from the media tent hopped into her red aveo, and started to drive. a lot of people were turing right, but they thought to turn left because she questioned what the masses were doing.

after driving we got to see the pipeline being built above ground. we came back to the camp. how funny to see the camp full of people meeting around the fire. we assume the party as at sacred ground. they told us we had to turn around so i made a leap for it. I got out of the car and walked past the group of people, then to tuen around and see, a two-spirited flag with native and allies who are LGBTQY I asked, can I join and she asked something as another voiced, As an Alli! and i said i'm two spirited too! so yes you can join, I felt accepted and pround for that moment. I walked in line behind the flag and looked around to see feathers and sequens, beaded art dangeling from earing and incense challaces. I look left and my heart gleamed some more. a man standing there with a rainbow scarf, Yaro stared back at me. I was in total bliss. I thought to myslef, I knew he was gay. yes, someone i'm actually interested in, who is here, and queer, and smiling back at me. we began to march.

Kandi, the native woman up front began to sing her song. the sage, frankencense, and cedar. and we walked down flag row as people took pictures of us. Emotionally this was a great experience for me. I finally got to stand pround with my spiritual people. without the parade of homo-eroticism, plus "he" was standing next to me. and that was exciting. 

the belt of flags we walked down was like an audience of tribes welcoming our two-spirit nature. we all saw sacred ceremony happening around fire. curious to what was happening, eagle featherd hoop was being raised buy the children and the elders. we split the group and the walked through as we blessed the hoop

Next thing I knew I was standing in front of the circle, looking around at everyone and seeing me in the midst of it. people shook our hands and there was sage and some offering given to the fire. 

we left and marched to the two-spirit camp. sat around the fire and talked a little about ourselves. with a little food on the fire, i still felt like I belonged to Oglala. then he was over there. eyeballing me. james - I call him bear but his native name I cannot pronounce. He is cherokee and from the eastern band. he gave me some feathers, blue jay and some other ones. he and two girl court and dandelion. they seemed nice, yet masculnine or butch. we paradede together that day. I also met Yaro this day. and he is one who i give my passion out to. He's from N. Cali.  ****more to write.


MJ Kolinko