log 11 - Asking for Stories.

- asked spirit for a couple interviews. met Earl with purple glasses. met with Chief kindness and he spoke. was invited to listen to the indigo girls. Went to a concert. got a bandana.

and I am thinking of fasting but my stomach really wants food. I think for a day or two I should be okay. - Dialoge.

I t wil be a challenge to be here for one more month, I should be making preparations for my tent, or living with the Oglala tent tribe. I'm not sure what to do, but i should take action today.

I have made friendly aquaintences, not many hanging out friends, but i believe thats because there are so many people here it's a bit dumb to just hang out with one or two people.

So my goal for today is to recieve another interview or get good footage of people doing things with the sun shining. 

So after i wrote this i then went to grab my camera and deliver some food to Isabelle at the media center. A lady came in ffrom CNN saying she had an open independant spto on the channel and wanted to make converage. sounded fishy to me.

- Casino concert. I got to sculpt a soap stone. walk around and enjoy the beautiful sun. 

MJ Kolinko