log 3 - Back Road Flow

We are driving down 1806 looking mysteriously for the campsite to where we ultimately are called to be. we drove up to a barricade check point.

The place where the national guard set up to see who is moving into the camp area. we pull up and i tell them, " oh-hey, we're just passing through."

Jesse didn't like that but i know that i previously manifested the idea that we would be going off road to get to the camp, almost like we are getting around the police.
We turned left and went through the dirt hills, passed near a cow ranch and the cattle were so happy to see us. Literally!!! They hopped and ran along side the vehicle as if they were so excited for us to be there! We were excited too! So we turn on the camera.

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“Where energy goes, energy flows.”
— James Redfield


They felt our love and our calling and expressed gratitude as we drove by through some heated discussion based on me having fear and my internal dialogue to move past "getting away with things, or being a coyote (trying to trick the police that we we're going to the camp.)  We came up to another dirt road, turned left on to pavement and found 1806 turning right onto headed up the hilly road.

We drove for another few miles and saw the camp. "yay! woohoo! that must be it! wow, it's small. we pulled in and turned off the van.

Coincedently, there was a car running next to us and i whipped out my camera and started filming. I swung around with my arms open in joy! 

Harry Longbow. That's who we first met. This guy was great. Very slow spoken but heartfelt. Excited to see us, he wanted to show us the main camp. I jumped into the van and no turn over. bam! - ugh - "click-click-click"

The van took rest on the front line of sacred stone across from the burial grounds where the dozers pillaged through.

We tried jumping the car but nothing, then i tried attaching the cords and with no luck i ripped out the fuse box just to get to the neg part of the battery, and still nothing. "I guess we will have to figure this out later." One girl asked us to check our connection. well, we did and seemed that theyhave had that issue before. Hopefully we didn't need a new battery - and the sky was getting dark.

Harry Longbow offered to take us to camp to check it out, we hopped into his car.

It was sun set and everything was dark. We drove into a populated camp ground, this time much much larger than I initially thought. Tipis, campers, tents, everywhere. I saw people walking in the dark and heard drumming in the background.

We were led to search for the youth council. Harry wanted to show us some things and speak with some people. We went up to a tipi and Harry asks, "Hey, do you know where the Youth council is?" Us 3 standing outside the tipi, we here one mans voice say, "It's over there." dramatic pause and we laugh in sarcastic joy." Laughter comes from the people in the tipi and we went on to ask someone else.
Joy fludded my heart and i couldn't do anything else but smile.

No luck in searching for the youth council, Harry took us back to the front line, 3/4 a mile north of the main camp. We opened the van and pitched up our tent in the late night, I was so tired. I had my tiny one-person tent and Jesse attempted to put up a large tent, after deciding another would do better, he pops up a huge 5 person tent. It was beautiful. We used the donations to cover or bodies to stay warm over the night. I wanted to sleep in mine for the night so i did and, slept peacefully.

MJ Kolinko