log 5 - A Good Day to Live

Another Day to live and an exciting way to be in a new environment.
I hear the coyotes singing this morning and i felt like i slept in a little bit longer, Time is an adjustment. It is about 11:00 and Jesse wasn't in the tent. So i walked up to the fire near the sacred ground front line.

Marla Eagle was there.
"Hey there, where are you guys from again?"
"Flint, Mi"
"Oh wow, I heard about the water there, How is it?"- finally someone asking with concern instead of a jestly thrown comment of 'how's the water there' Smerk.
"Oh it's better now, everyone has filters on ever spickett and people still are living off bottled water, but not real permant solution - yet."

We shared eye contact for a couple minutes in appreciation for what the meaning of water really felt like - truely a heartfelt moment.


A car pulls off the road pulling in behind us.
This was common for many travelers to stop in at the small camp.
The guys were closley aquainted to Marla Eagle. She walked over there and asked if they knew of a mechanic at the camp,

"ya, there are a few, did you check the batery connections yet?"
"ya, I think we did. I mean we plugged the battery back in and there is just nothing still."

"ooh, I see. You'll have to ask around to find someone. There are a few people on camp who are working on cars. I know there are some other people too who are looking for mechanics, it'll all work out."

Jesse, and I recieved a ride up to the main camp to continue our adventure.

The sun is shining today.
People are husseling and busy at work. I met more people today, one guy named Drew, He's a red head pale man with beautiful long dreads and a nice beard. You could tell he was a 'namaste traveler.' Almost each person who I came into contact with shook me hand, shared our name, and where we were from. It was like the new greeting aside from the city life that we are all used to. What's your name, or thats great this is my name. bla bla bla, what meaning is in a name?!? - Contemplating Social Interaction here.

I understood something about introductions. We shared where we were from and what we were doing, a name was not an identity. Where we grew up, who we associated with and what we do creates the identity we see eachother as.

In common American culture, you shared your name with everyone as they say "I may not remember all your names, but here's mine."

Wouldn't it be better if we got to the point? Well maybe. just a thought.


I also got to help put up a tipi today! Jesse and i were ready and quick on the job. We jumped in without conversation as this elder knew we were there to work. His Name is Dana Q. Dupris. He gave me his card and his personal number. He was from South Dakota and on his card mentioned his tribe. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. - hmm. Cheyenne - that's familiar to me. I have a house on Chyenne Ave in Flint Mi.
The camp was so large, Just building a tipi was a small thing to anyone here, in saying there is much work to be done in biuilding this camp to survive the winter.

MJ Kolinko