log 1 - The Start of the Journey


Click to watch MJ's September facebook post.

Click to watch MJ's September facebook post.

My Friends and I, you know - we talk. One day I find out that My Friend Jesse Veitis peddling his bike to North Dakota. WHY - I look on facebook and see mounted natives trotting on the 1806 highway. I cried when I saw this video. I knew right away, for whatecer reason Jesse is peddling out there, I HAD TO GO. I didn't know how or why. I just prayed for God to send a sign.

The Next day my friend Bob was looking on the internet of where This Standing Rock camp was. When we saw on Google maps the mis-information of seeing an image of an old hippy concert from the 60s. I was livid. "Why do people personally take time to misguide their brothers!?" I said to Bob, "Bob, I have a camera, and I know how to make films, I have to take it with me and tell people the truth of what is really happening out there.


We ask for help, support, and assitance. However you want to call it, People-We-Us UNITED we came together landing into step one. Packing this van full of stuff. I mean we PACKED IT! Everything fit so perfectly.


Tim - Donated his beautiful Rose Red mini Van.

First Metaphysical Church - Donated many tents, medical supplies, winter clothes.

Jacob quit his job at the gerocery store and vynal graphics gig.

Jesse - Started a go fund me account and raised $300 for supplies and food to donate on the behalf of those who could not go with.


MJ KolinkoDay 1, the begining